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Baptism of fire -1-
"This old girl? She's perfectly harmless. Sure, we've had our fair share of rough patches," Dr. Waters bit her lip, reflecting on how she knew at least one of her co-workers was dead-terrified of the A.I, refusing to so much as go into its chamber, before brightening considerably. "But we've got her under control now! We've definitely got her under control," Dr.Waters reached out and patted its smooth white hull gently, making it jerk up and swivel around to face her, narrowing the metal shutters around its single golden eye in what was unmistakably a glare, before it dropped back down and continued to dangle almost lifelessly.
Dr. Waters gave a nervous chuckle, smoothing her hair. This behavior was unusual for GLaDOS, and the scientist wasn't sure she liked it. Sure, it could be said that it was a vast improvement from the usual slew of insults and threats GLaDOS spat at her, but at least those didn't make it seem almost as if the A.I had completely given up the will to live.
"Any que
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Kiss the venom -Chapter 5-
It was only early afternoon and like many other teenagers, the tiny little blond girl whom just happened to be curled up alone in the back of a school bus was desperately craving a nap.
She was in the third to last seat, curled up in what she hoped was an inconspicuous heap, her head resting on her knees, her pale slender arms holding those knees to her chest.
One by one her schoolmates heaved onto the bus, sitting in scattered noisy clumps on the hard plastic seats, screaming obscenities at each other, while passing around junk food and various illegal substances.
Among the last of the stragglers to board was a lanky young woman with short brown hair and a pair of thin-wire glasses, perched on her tiny nose.
The girl immediately flopped down into Lily's seat with an audible 'oomph', turning to face her with a clearly annoyed glare that made Lily groan, staring back at her friend with narrowed eyes.
"How'd you get here before me? Mr. F let us out a couple minutes late." Charlotte clapp
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So I seem to have taken up temporary residence in Silent Hill.

You see, I spend many of my days in a cold, unfeeling concrete building, attending conferences and trying to not fall asleep during them when I'm not doing experiments.
Because of this, I tend to be rather unaware of my surroundings which is why my mother says I'm a horrible driver.

Now as some of you may know, I live in a magical land oop north called Minnesota, doncha know, and it's populated mostly by moose and Scandinavians, you betcha it is.
And as some of you may not know, Minnesota is currently on fire.
It has been for a while now, and let me tell you, that damn wildfire is a trooper.
As far as I know it's survived snow and rain and stuff like that.
However it's not terribly shocking that it's still burning, due to one rather specific reason, which I'll explain to you the same way I explained to my friend whom lives next door to the Mojave desert;
Minnesota is essentially one giant pine forest, with bits of swamp and prairie thrown in for good measure.
And to my understanding, this is more or less what forest fires like to eat, as it contains lots of nutrients to make them grow up to be big and strong and kill everyone.

To put this in perspective; the fire began up in the Boundary Waters, a good ways north of here, and it's nothing the average person would bat an eye at as I swear it seems like spontaneously bursting into flames in the BWCA's weekend hobby.
I live quite a bit south from that, if you haven't picked that up already, in fact I'm a little under an hour away from the capital/Minneapolis, give or take.
Now I really don't like to swear, but I feel like in this case it is necessary for emphasis;
It is as smokey as FUCK outside.</i>
I was off to the store and to get some Frozen yogurt, when I noticed how hazy everything looked and it smelled like a giant bonfire, which wasn't terribly surprising, it had been that way for nearly a week now.

What really caught me off guard was the light-off-grey stuff dancing in the breeze like little sugar puff fairies or dandruff, and my first thought was 'SNOW'...which was kind of odd in hindsight as it was about 60 degrees.
Then I thought 'BUGS', but no insect I was aware of had such an erratic flight pattern.
Then I thought 'I'M CRAZY.' and stepped out of the car..and got beaned on the arm by, of all substances, ash.
There are traces of ash falling from the sky, people.

A tiny part of me is concerned, I am walking distance from a huge state park, i.e yummy acres of forest, in addition to living in a swamp.
Also, my school is positioned atop a bluff in the dead center of acres and acres of unmanaged forest.
On one hand, it's a steep bluff and we're still a good distance away from where the action is, but on the other hand, as the fire seems to have been blessed by Zeus, I wouldn't be surprised if it had the endurance to make it down here and, I dunno, do Parkour to get up the bluff or something.

Whatever happens this should be rather interesting, since some buddies and I were planning on going camping on Thursday.
Hopefully, my state doesn't turn into Mordor in the meantime.


United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Prince Zuko. .-.
Personal Quote: "I think it's safe to say I'm the least humble person in the history of the world.&qu


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